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Dog Boarding

Bellona Canine Training knows it is important for you to find a dog boarding, or day care facility, that will give your pet the individual care and attention that they would get at home. 

We offer "pet-sitting" for a few hours or for extended stays, vacations and deployments.

Preparation for Boarding

Remember, your pet is in good hands, enjoy, your pet will probably receive as much or more attention, stimuli and exercise than they would at home!

Do not OVERFEED your pet prior to boarding or going on your trip. This can result in upset stomach since some dogs become excited when going for a car ride or outing.

If you pup suffers from "separation anxiety", you may want to consider a meet and greet or a short overnight stay prior to an extended stay.

Please bring the following items: food, bedding if used, and comfort item, and a list of allergies/medications.

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