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Board and Train

Dogs are living, breathing, and thinking creatures. They have their own minds and personality. When they come to stay with BCT they will learn a new foundation of obedience, rituals, and routine. We are building communication.

When your pup comes home he/she will still have the old routine of home! Your first week is important to follow the directions provided. You MUST establish  a new routine now in your home.

Send home directions include: 

- Energy draining activities that should be completed at least twice daily

- Training routines and how to combine into daily living 

- How to continue adding mental challenges

Lastly, education on canine behavior in different stages of life; where it seems everything the dog was taught is now undone. We MUST train through the phase, even if it means stepping back to level one training.

Puppys Basics and Manners | Aberdeen NC | Bellona Canine Training
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