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Puppy Basics and Manners

Puppy Basics and Manners is available as private training or group class; both cover four core commands (Sit, Stay, Down and Focus) along with common puppy behavioral concerns.


                                  Private Training

During private training we focus on training you to train your pup, this results in a long lasting bond while giving you the tools to properly communicate with your dog. All dogs are different, with private training we tailor the program to the dog/handler team. Available in single sessions or as a 6 week program.


Evaluations are a must prior to all private training!

                              Group Classes

The focal point for our group class is the socialization aspect of training. While we do not "play" with other pups during this time, we train your dog to listen and react to you verses the environment or other dogs.

Evaluations and registration is a must prior to all group classes. Classes start every 1st Thursday of the month and run for 4 weeks.

Puppys Basics and Manners | Aberdeen NC | Bellona Canine Training


All dogs need to be between 12 weeks and 12 months of age and up to date on vaccinations to include: Rabies, Parvovirus and Distemper

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